Another day, another job application rejected.

In the sixteen months I have been out of university, I have only had one interview, every other job I have applied for in that time have rejected me on my CV/application form alone.

And to be completely honest with you, all this job-hunting and rejection is starting to get to me really bad. It doesn’t help that I have no idea what I want to do, so I’m just wondering aimlessly through job listings, staring at a computer screen until I see words that describe me in the person specification.

I would say that it is making me depressed, but depressed people are unhappy all the time, I’m only unhappy when I wake up to another day of sitting in front of my laptop, losing my motivation to do anything with each rejection that comes my way.

I’m perfectly ok when I’m with friends and family, but, unfortunately, I can’t hang out with them all day every day, or get paid for it.

I wonder if I would at least get an interview if I was completely honest on application forms; instead of writing of how great I am and spouting about all my transferable skills and experience, I’d write about how desperate I was for somebody to take a chance on me and to actually give me a job.

I doubt it would work but I think I would get out some pent up frustration that I’m holding onto.

The point of this post??

I hate jobhunting!! It’s getting me down and I’m so frustrated that having a degree is utterly useless; it hasn’t gotten me anywhere!

I hope everyone else is having a better time of it than me. xx



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