Henry the Hoover

I have definately spent too long as a cleaner…. I’ve started talking to inanimate objects.

I see Henry the hoover every evening at work. I open my cleaning cupboard, full of supplies, and see his permenently smiling face looking at me (must be all the dust and glitter I feed him that makes him so happy).

When I try to pull him beyond his limit, his plug will come out, refusing to work for me; When he falls down a step, I’ll ask if he is drunk; When I take out the bag full of dust, I’ll comment on his weight loss.

It’s just me being silly, but I realised that I don’t do it with any other objects. I don’t make quips if the mop falls down, or if something falls out of the cleaning bucket, but print a smiley face on a vaccumm and I’m its best friend.

I find it weird and funny and have nothing else to say on the matter 🙂

Hope everyone has a great weekend xx

p.s. Surprised to find a lot of Henry Hoover cakes in a google image search

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