Here we are again…

… Monday.

Another weekend says its farewells too quickly in order for a new week to begin. The carefree and relaxed attitudes of the weekend melt away and are replaced by a sense of dread, groaning as you wake up and have to leave your pit.

For some, this is the back to the grind, back to school/work feeling that monday brings. For others, myself included, it is the resuming of the job hunt feeling.

The happiness I felt over the weekend, spending time with loved ones is all to quickly forgotten as I wake up to yet another week spent in front of my laptop, searching job listings, filling out applications and waiting for the inevitable rejection. (that last remark, a little pessimistic maybe, but it has been happening for well over a year now)

I am actually a contradiction of pessimism and optimism. Whilst I just assume that I will get yet another rejection, I will apply for a job anyway, with hope that my luck will change. Without any optimism, I may as well just resign to the fact that I am just a cleaner, who is over-qualified, with no hope of earning enough money to live on. And that is something I most definately will not do!

I have been finding it hard lately to maintain a positive attitude. With each rejection you just feel utterly useless, but I have got a few tricks up my sleeve to inspire me to Keep Buggering On.

Many years ago I started filling a blank notebook with words and images of inspiration and motivation. It has been sitting on my shelf, half full (or half empty, depending on your view of life), for a while now, but the other day, after another rejection, I took it down, blew off the dust and opened it up. There are quotes from great figures in history, from writers, from songs, from my old teachers and from my friends. There are even words that I penned myself, inspiring me to be happy and motivated. It’s full of photos, drawings, printed off images, and cut outs from magazines. It is my little book of inspiration that I turn to in times of distress. I definately recommend making one for yourself. Invest in a beautiful notebook and fill it with whatever inspires you. Even the process of filling the blank pages is cathartic and a release from whatever is draining your motivation and happiness.

A simple browse through the ‘Inspiration’ topic on wordpress brings you to blogs full of optimism and hope to inspire you to maintain you focus. It doesn’t even have to be the inspiration topic… I was browsing through some philosophy posts the other day and came across this post by John Vespasian:

It reminded me to keep going; to avoid psychological paralysis; that passivity will get you nowhere. It reminded me to be happy.

So, as a new week dawns, I have my weapons ready to fight off any feelings of uselessness and patheticness; to fight off any rejections that come my way; to help me plough through. It’s all about getting your head in the right place.


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