A Little Bit Crafty

I think that I have a lot of creative energy that sometimes I just can’t express through my scribblings. I love writing, but sometimes the ideas don’t come, or I struggle to actually write them out.

I have been struggling with my writing a lot in this past week, so instead of being sat in front of a computer screen, or with pen and paper on my lap, writing a sentence every ten minutes just to scribble it out, I decided to get creative in other ways.

In a few weeks times, I will be going to a 70s party with a group of friends. I’ve managed to get my hands on a skirt but haven’t been able to find a top that looks 70s. So I’m planning on making a top from some material I found in a local charity shop. Before this happens however, I thought it wise to practise on the sewing machine, it has been a while, and I was never all that good at it. A nice break from writing as well.

School memories came screaming back to me, sitting in the textiles room, stitching my sleeve to a piece of material destined to become a rather dodgy cushion, whilst the matronly looking Ms Howell, told me where I was going wrong. I pushed those thoughts aside, and reading an online guide from Tilly and Buttons, I managed to successfully set-up the sewing machine, wind a bobbin up (singing the nursery rhyme as I went), and do a few practise stitches on an old towel.

That was all I had planned to do in refreshing myself on the sewing machine before attempting to make a 70s inspired top on another day, however, I wanted to actually make something now. I’d been bitten.

Remembering a pair of loose fitting trousers I had, in which the elasticated band had broken, I decided to make a top.

I cut a few inches either side of the crotch area and placed my head through it, putting my arms through the trouser legs. I decided to cut a few more inches along the new neck line and when I was happy with it, I stitched along it so the material wouldn’t fall apart. I then made a small incision along the old waist band and pulled out the elasticated band, so my new top would sit nicely around my waist. To finish off, I cut a small rectangle of the elastic and stitched it into the neck line, giving my new top a label, and a definate front and back.

It was a rather simple little project, which didn’t take too long to do but I felt so proud of myself afterwards. Really chuffed that I was being creative and recycled an old pair of trousers at the same time. The stitching isn’t entirely perfect but my hair will cover that when I’m wearing it. Just can’t decide, if I really do like the way it hangs off the body… maybe a little too slouchy???




and after


What do you think?


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