Why You Shouldn’t Be a Writer!

This was the title I came across and just had to read when I was browsing the world wide web a few days ago.

On first read it felt rather disheartening that Susannah Breslin, somebody I didn’t even know, and have never read before, was telling me that I should not be a writer.

First, in a slightly patronising tone, she asks “So, you want to be a writer…”  listing my qualifications, that every single person has, like being taught grammer at school. Then she has the cheek to tell me that I am just not good at it.

Who on earth does she think she is?!

She then goes on to tell me about how hard it is to write; “Think digging ditches is hard? At least you know when you are done… Writing is thankless work… It is never finished”

She does have a point here. As I read, I thought of George Orwell and how he describes writing as “a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness.” I thought about my experience with NaNoWriMo in 2011… a looong uphill struggle.

Breslin finishes with the fact that writing is hard to monetize. Which again is true. Well, unless you’ve got a boy wizard playing quidditch in your mind.

The writing market is saturated with aspiring writers, so the chances of making enough money to live off are very, very slim; “you will see you should have picked something else: something easier, something less complicated, something other than a writer.”

As disheartening and as disappointing as it may be, Breslin has a point. she is not writing this article to be mean, she is just telling the truth, preparing wannabes for the reality that is writing. It is better to be told the truth than to be falsely told that you have got what it takes.

And if you still want to write after reading this article then maybe there is something about you that will push harder and be able to handle  everything that comes with writing… the tough topics, the looming deadlines, the low word count, the rejections. It’s no promise that you will hit the big time though, it just means that you’ve got balls; don’t forget what you have just read above, and are about to read in the full article by Breslin at http://www.forbes.com/sites/susannahbreslin/2012/06/12/why-you-shouldnt-be-a-writer/


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