They’ve taken the hobbits to New Zealand

I have just watched a piece on the news about the world premiere of the long awaited Peter Jackson film, The Hobbit, in New Zealand.

But I do not understand why it’s world premiere is being held there.

Yes, it was filmed there. Nowhere has better greenery and rolling landscapes than New Zealand. But as a so-called “Brummie”, I feel that the world premiere of the adaptation of The Hobbit should be held in Birmingham, England, where J R R Tolkien was inspired to create middle earth. Even though, Tolkien didn’t live in Birmingham all of his life, at the very least the world premiere should be held in England.

Sarehole Mill, Hall Green, Birmingham

This is our literary heritage that has been made into these big hollywood films. And as someone who lives in the same area where Tolkien grew up and went to school, it is amazing, somewhat spine-chilling that something as big as the Lord of the Rings franchise has come from the same part of the world as me. So it is rather disheartening that some big movie producer or whatever has snubbed our country in favour of New Zealand.

It is a shame that I have only just found out about the world premiere being held there; if I had known sooner, maybe I could have started a campaign or something to get the premiere to be held in England, the land of hope and glory, the land of Tolkien. Being unaware though, I’m just left to rant about Hollywood movie types being ignorant of the heritage of their projects.

Ok. A quick google search tells me that the world premiere of The Fellowship of The Ring, was held in London. This knowledge does calm me down and makes me feel less ranty about The Hobbit premiering in New Zealand. It would be amazing though, if the last of The Hobbit films were premiered in England, bringing middle earth back home.


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