Well That’s New

In less than an hour, I have applied for a job and been rejected from that job.

I don’t know about other jobhunters but that has never happened before, it’s always been at least a few days before I get the impersonal “your application was unsuccessful” email. My head is in a bit of a spin about it to be honest.

Although, I do feel that I’m getting to used to rejection. I don’t feel so depressed when yet another rejection letter lands in my inbox, I just think oh well, and get on with what I was doing. Think I’m turning into a bit of a job hunting robot.

I still have my cleaning job at the nursery, which I hate, but when I’m there I get to think about my employment situation and I find myself filling with a fighting spirit.

I think about how my sister is the manager at the nursery and how she is the most successful of us, with husband, house, and great job. It makes me think of myself as the runt of the family, which just makes me more determined to have my ugly duckling to beautiful swan moment where I’ll finally get my stuff in line with a job, which will make buying a house so much easier.

Writing out the above has made me think of a speech by George Patton, the commanding general of the US Seventh Army.

Today you must do more than is required of you. Never think that you have done enough or that your job is finished. There’s always something that can be done-something that can help to ensure victory. You can’t let others be responsible for getting you started. You must be a self-starter. You must possess that spark of individual initiative that sets the leader apart from the led. Self-motivation is the key to being one step ahead of everyone else and standing head and shoulders above the crowd. Once you get going-don’t stop. Always be on the look out for the chance to do something better. Never stop trying. Fill yourself with the warrior spirit- and send that warrior into action

This little speech has got me through college and university. Whenever I read it, it feels like he is talking to me directly and I am filled with an overwhelming sense to do something.

And that’s what I am going to do.

So see ya later dear readers; I got a ugly duckling to beautiful swan transformation to be getting on with 🙂

courtesy of Wiggers123 @ Deviant Art

courtesy of Wiggers123 @ Deviant Art

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