Standing on my Soapbox

Don’t worry I’m not going to start a massive rant on my metaphorical soapbox, this is just a quick post to share with you lovely wordpressers a recent review I have done which has been published online at

snipped... george orwell

It’s a review of George Orwell’s ‘Why I Write’ and other essays. It is the first of many reviews I’ll be doing based on Penguin’s Great Ideas Collection, which contains 20 books containing ideas, theories and the like of great minds such as Freud, Arthur Schopenhaur, Virginia Woolf, and Charles Darwin.

To read it, simply click on the soapbox link above which will take you to their website where you should be greeted with rolling images, one of which will be the cover of George Orwell’s ‘Why I Write’. I’m not sure why, but there seems to be no link directly to the article.

Anyhoo… I’m gonna go and get started on my next review for them. Hope you like it and happy weekend.


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