A Belated Christmas Greeting and Happy New Year

I was planning to post before the 25th to wish all of you a merry christmas but things happened, and a blog post seemed like the thing to postpone when I had stuff to get ready for the big day.

I’m here now though, better late than never. I hope that you all had a lovely and relaxing time over the festive period, and that your new year is the start of something amazing.

For many people, this time of year is a chance for reflection; a time to look back over the previous 12 months and be thankful for friends, family, successes, and the trials and tribulations that shaped us in the year Two Thousand and Twelve.

For Britain, it has been a year of celebration with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic and Paralympic Games. But for me personally, I feel that 2012 has been a waste of a year, for I am exactly in the same place as I was when 2012 began. I’m still a cleaner. I’m still looking for a decent job. I’m still living with my parents. Probably the only thing that has changed about me, is that I am a little more patient and probably a little more perservering.

I occasionally teeter on the edge of desperation and depression, trying to change my situation. But I know that what I feel has been a non-descript, crappy year is nothing compared to what other people have gone through. A few acquanitances from school have definately been through hell this past few months, tainting their memories of 2012.

There was the girl I have mentioned in a previous post whose partner died in a car accident, leaving her the single mother of two young children.

There was the girl whose 2012 began giving birth to a stillborn baby, and ended with a seperation from her husband.

Then on a more international level, there are all these people living in poverty, living in countries of war and opression.

It reminds me of that saying, “no matter how tough you think you’ve got it, there is always someone who has it worse”. It’s kind of a crummy saying, as it seems to suggest you find comfort in someone else’s pain, but it is supposed to put things into perspective.

I may think my 2012 has been un-eventful and lousy, but it doesn’t compare to the crappy years that other people have experienced, so in this time of reflection, I am reminded not to be so selfish and full of self-pity.

With this in mind, I want to dedicate this post to those people who have experienced true physical and/or emotional trauma in these past 12 months. I hope that 2013 is kinder to you, and brings you moments of pure joy and happiness.

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2 Responses to A Belated Christmas Greeting and Happy New Year

  1. swalia says:

    wish you a happy and prosperous 2013

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