2013 Has Arrived!!

Happy New Year Everybody. I hope you all had a lovely night and aren’t suffering too much today.

In the run up to 2013, it felt like a bit of non-year; the year to do nothing because of the association with the unlucky number, but now that it has arrived, I have a few plans in mind to execute in the next 12 months and I am feeling rather hopeful.

On facebook, I have just posted, “New year doesn’t bring about change, a new attitude does” suggesting that resolutions can be made at any time, but there is something about a new year dawning that makes us feel the need to start a fresh, to turn over a new leaf, to make resolutions.

I’m going to share my plans/resolutions on here because, apparently, telling people your intentions might make them stick a bit longer:

1) Get a job! – not a new resolution considering I’ve been looking for over a year and a half but getting a job is a major priority for me.

2) Learn to drive – It just needs to be done.

3) Exercise! – an unoriginal resolution maybe but I would like to be more active and at the moment I am completely unfit and slightly doughy around the edges

4) Cross some stuff off mine and the boyfriend’s to do list – this mainly compromises of days out and the like. Top of this list is ‘get a house’, but this depends on plan number 1 working out.

5) Do something worthwhile – This would be to learn a new skill and to do something for charity. I’m just not sure what.

There you have it, my five resolutions for 2013. And in addition to these, I also plan on keeping a gratitude journal this year.

I’ve been focussing a lot on what I don’t have which just isn’t productive, so I’m starting a gratitude journal to remind me of the good things I have and how lucky I am in order to get some perspective and feel better about everything.

I found this article online which gives some advice on how to keep a gratitude journal to best maximise the happiness you are after… it’s at http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/tips_for_keeping_a_gratitude_journal

You should definately take a look if you’re thinking of doing your own gratitude journal. It’s not an intensive article but it gives some useful advice and contains links to other sites with articles of these journals.


Yes, I think my word for 2013 will be Gratitude

How about you guys? Have you any plans or buzzwords for the year that lies ahead of you?


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