The White Stuff

Snow has blanketed much of Britain for several days now. Something which makes me very happy because I absolutely love snow; it is beautiful, calm-inducing, playful, and creates a winter wonderland of the crummy streets.


The only downside when it snows? My Facebook news feed getting clogged with people complaining about it: “it’s so cold”, “bore off snow!”, “grrr, had to walk to work!!”

It’s annoying how these people complain about it. It’s just frozen water! But I have realised a slightly amusing ironic thing about these people hating on the snow… for these are the people that post images of the Keep Calm variety, a very fashionable thing of late spurred by wartime posters telling people to “Keep Calm and Carry On” (posters that were never actually used during World War II because they were intended for use if we were conquered by Hitler, which never happened).

People enjoy this fashionable slogan and post pictures with different variations of it on their Facebook pages, not taking in the actual message. They see our snow covered land and instead of heeding the advice of wartime Britain, and just getting on with things, they take to Facebook and probably Twitter too, to complain about it and let the snow disrupt their lives.

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