Acid Attack!

On the news today there is the story of Naomi Oni, a 20 year old from Dagenham who was the victim of an acid attack. I watched as this young woman spoke of getting off the bus one night to then have acid thrown on her by someone with a veil covered face, she then ran home screaming in agony. Towards the end of the interview when Naomi was stating that she was a survivor, that the attacker has failed because she still had her sight, her hearing, she was still standing, she began to tear up which in turn made me tear up to.

It’s so horrible that this could happen to anybody; and it’s not an isolated incident. In 2008, a girl called Katie Piper had acid thrown in her face as well. Katie has since founded The Katie Piper Foundation, a charity that helps those living with burns and scars.

I’m just amazed that anybody could do such a thing. Amazed that there are people out there who think to themselves “oh, lets go throw acid on somebody”, obviously not thinking that they will scar somebody and change their life forever. I just don’t understand how anybody could be so mean. Do these people have a conscience at all? Can they really hate people that much?

It makes me feel like there is no hope for society today. Morals and compassion are seriously lacking, and everybody seems to have a selfish attitude.

I do hope that some good can come from this attack the way that it did from the attack on Katie Piper. Showing the culprit that scars can’t hold you back.


I’ve just seen another piece on the BBC news website about an acid attack… this time on the artistic director of Russia’s Bolshoi Ballet.

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5 Responses to Acid Attack!

  1. jessmittens says:

    How very sad. My mother knew a woman many years ago who this happened to. She had been a beautiful dancer until her ex had burned her. It’s such a sexist act – these men don’t want to kill the women, they want to attempt to wreck them for life so that no other men will want them, because they couldn’t have them. Or so it seems to often be. Terrible terrible terrible!

    • sophie king says:

      Do you know what the dancer does now, did her burns completely ruin her life?? I think this attack on Naomi Oni was just a random attack which is bad enough, but to have someone who you used to love attack you… How awful!

      • jessmittens says:

        I think she might have led a secluded life afterwards. Never really went out or saw anyone.
        I could be wrong though, but I think that’s what my mother said.
        Oh a random attack! What on Earth? Why??
        People are so strange.

      • sophie king says:

        I know right. It’s sick!!

  2. Kumar Gautam says:

    An attempt to voice the thoughts of acid attack victims in the form of poetry,

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