As I continue forward in my life jobhunting and planning for the future, I am filled with hopefulness.

I Hope that I will find a job that I love (and soon); I hope that my future will be happy and healthy and just how I picture it sometimes; I hope that at the very least, I will be ok.

However, the more I think about hope and its meaning, I realise that it is not a doing word. Hope is a feeling; a degree of expectation or desire.

If I did nothing but hope, I wouldn’t get very far in my life. We need action words to propel us forward. It’s all well and good dreaming and hoping for a better future but in order to get it, you have to do something.

A job isn’t just going to find me, I need to find it. A house isn’t a certainty, I need to earn the money for it. My plans aren’t going to happen by themselves, I need to make them happen.

Hope, and a belief that our circumstances will change should be used to propel us forward in our actions. Never lose hope, but know that hope alone is just not enough.

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