Sometimes a Fool

It is a fatal miscarriage, so ill to order affairs, as to pass for a fool in one company, when in another you might be treated as a philospher

I found this quote on the front cover of Jonathan Swift’s ‘A Tale of a Tub’ my next read as part of my series of book reviews for Soapbox press. I feel that in my life I am considered a fool in some aspects but a philosopher in others.

Around the girls at the nursery where I clean I make small talk… general chit chat about work, tv, possibly clothes and the like. I probably come across as a fool, a tad boring, I don’t have an awful lot to say about these things so don’t make much of a conversation beyond agreeing with what has been said. I know that they won’t care about the books I am reading because it’s not 50 shades.

Around my close friends, I definately have more to say. As well as being interested in their lives, we’ll talk about stuff that’s in the news, debate some things, and make smart ass remarks. There is more on their minds than tv soaps and what they look like. I definately feel free to chat about stuff that is less superficial with them.

I think being considered a fool in one comapny, and a philosopher in another is about knowing your audience.

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