Baby Brain

Why are babies such a good talking point?

If you have a baby anybody will talk to you, complete strangers and even those you know who you haven’t spoken to in ages. You announce your pregnancy or post baby photos on Facebook and suddenly you’re miss popular.

Before I go any further with this post, I must stipulate that I am NOT pregnant. My sister is.

She posted a 20 week scan picture on her timeline of her future offspring and got inundated with all these comments and likes; some from friends and family, but the majority seemed to be from old school friends and distant relatives that she hasn’t spoken to in years, and this kind of ticks me off!

We’ll comment or like their photos of their children but we don’t get anything in return. One relative in particular is always posting photos or updates about her children, her whole life is her children, and I’ll like the occasional thing out of kindness/family connection/because I actually like what she has put up, but I get nothing in response, not so much as a like when I posted a few photos from my graduation. But my sister announces that she can reproduce and this relative is all over it. I even shared the news on my timeline with the caption “I’m going to be an auntie” and she’s all over that as well.

I suppose I shouldn’t be too harsh, she is a stay at home mom, and can obviously relate to what my sister is going through, but to not even congratulate a relative, no matter how close or distant they are on their other successes? That’s just wrong. Reproducing is not the be all and end all. There is more to life.

I’m not belittling having children, I do hope to have my own mini me in the future but I don’t want to be pigeon holed as a mother, I don’t want people talking to me just because I am a mother. There is more to everyone. And what about those who find that they can’t conceive? Are they destined to be social outcasts because those with children are too ignorant to talk to those without?

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