Blogiversary – Thankful for having a voice

WordPress have kindly reminded me that on this day two years ago I started blogging.

Can’t quite believe it has been two years already!

I do not really remember why I started blogging, I think I just wanted somewhere to write. I never expected to be read though. I look at my small band of followers and I am so proud of the fact that only three of them I know outside of WordPress, everybody else who follows this blog have just happened upon it and liked what I have got to say.

What I have got to say can be self indulgent sometimes but other times I am just trying to make sense of everything. I am still learning, growing, and changing. Just trying to understand the world we are in.

Sometimes I can feel that I am forgotten about or not interesting enough in everyday life, but having a number of followers on here makes me feel that I do have something interesting or insightful to share with the world.

So thank you for reading.

Sophie x

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