I’m a Lady!

I have watched Pretty Woman twice this week. The ultimate chick flick that I never bore of.

Most of the time, I admire the dresses that Julia Roberts wears, and long for people to admire me the way they do Julia’s character. But this time round, I started thinking that nobody treats ladies the way that Richard Gere’s character does anymore.  Men don’t treat women like real ladies anymore; but then again, women don’t act like ladies anymore.

We’re out there drinking and swearing like sailors, wearing miniskirts and no underwear, singing about our lumps, and hopping into bed with morons masquerading as men. It’s no wonder we aren’t treated like ladies anymore.

I see girls complaining about how they always meet losers who use them, who treat them badly, who always seem to keep one eye on other girls, and it’s blatantly obvious that women need to higher their standards, get some self-respect and not bed hop with random strangers. Play hard to get and you’ll see how different a man will treat you. And if he doesn’t give into the chase, then he is one of those morons.

Feminism has come a long way, and it is great that women are free to act how they want without fear of being abandoned or disowned by one’s family, but I do think that deep down, every woman wants to be treated like a lady, like she is the star of her own chick flick.

Act like a lady and you will be treated like one.

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