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Mind The Gap! – Some Nice News

In today’s culture of 24 hour media coverage, beaming images from all corners of the world, it can get very depressing. Violence in Syria; protests in Brazil; shootings and stabbings; earthquakes and flooding. It’s all rather soul destroying. But yesterday, … Continue reading

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Poetry Stop

In the early hours of this morning, I woke up to the sounds of rain. It was such a peaceful moment as I sat up and watched the rain for while, that I felt inspired to write a poem. My … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Employers

I think that many people assume that because I have a degree, I am a high-flying, career orientated kind of woman. Many people also assume that because my degree is in English, that I will become a teacher. Both of … Continue reading

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Long Hot Summer

After months of complaining about the crummy weather we had over the winter, with too much rain and too much snow, the sun is now making his presence known here in the UK. Now people are complaining that it is … Continue reading

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My Dream Home

Some of the daily prompts I look at aren’t very interesting to me, but sometimes there is a suggestion that I just have to write about, no question about it. Today’s prompt; “You win a contest to build your dream … Continue reading

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