This is Twenty-Four

This post was inspired by KatieLeigh’s This is Twenty-Nine. I found it fascinating to read what being 29 means to her, and I got to thinking about what being 24 means to me, so I did my own account. This is what 24 looks like for me…


24 is stuck. Not a child, but not an adult either, trying to find a place in this world. Still learning and changing, growing and evolving. Two years out of university and occasionally wondering what the point of it was.

24 wants to be a writer. The kind to evoke emotion, to touch the soul of another individual being. But writing is such a saturated business that self-doubt often occurs. Another job is advisable if 24 is to become a home owner, and fill that home with beautiful things.

24 is a bit of a bore. Has nothing new to talk about really; circumstances difficult to change as attempts to find suitable employment often fails. Sometimes it feels that 24 does nothing but job-hunt. SSDD.

24 is a cleaner. It’s a tedious job but when finished, there is always a sense of accomplishment. It provides a small income and stops 24 from going completely crazy whilst a decent job with better hours and better money is found.

24 has a four year old relationship. It’s happy and adventurous; strong, and on the odd occasion brutally honest. In it for the long haul.

24 has endured false and awful friends. 24 could probably be a better friend to the good ones; make more of an effort with them. Friendship after all is a two-way street.

24 knows grief. But hates talking about it.

24 is becoming an aunt; wants to be the cool, fun-loving kind.

But 24 is different. Not quite as spontaneous and as free-spirited as previous ages. Probably more neurotic nowadays.

24 can be lazy. It’s just too easy to do nothing when you don’t have a proper day job. 24 often demands to “just do it!”

24 wants to be an individual, but is finding that original thought is nigh on impossible.

24 is a dreamer; a contradiction sometimes.

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