If I Were a Rolling Stone

I’ve just come across the daily writing prompt suggesting you describe how your life would be if you had a nomadic existence. I gave this rolling stone kind of life a little thought and loved the prospect of travelling the globe with my loved one; herding sheep in New Zealand, black jack dealing in Vegas, olive picking in Italy, turning our hands to any job in order to support our efforts to see the world.

And while it would be an incredible adventure, I don’t think I would want that kind of life for the rest of my time on earth. It would be amazing if I could do something like that for a year, maybe two, but I am very much a girl of home comforts. I like the idea of having a home, a permanent residency filled with the things I love, with my very own bed. You can’t beat the feeling of your own bed can you?

So instead of thinking about being a rolling stone with no home, I thought about what life would be like if I was a member of The Rolling Stones. If I was a rolling stone in that sense, I would be a freak of nature; dancing about on stage when all logic suggests I should be dead – no drugs or alcohol would get me down. My face would represent the hard partying lifestyle, my hair would need a comb and the clothes I would wear would be bright, maybe topped off with a black fur coat.

I would be on stage, relishing that feeling of every single audience member singing along with our songs – a sign of great success. And through refusing to retire, I would continue to make a fortune, able to afford a big mansion in the countryside, where I’d throw parties for all my friends and family, they would be, after all, the ones to keep me grounded. I’d be able to afford the most amazing holidays, travelling the globe in luxury. I’d have my pick of Hollywood parties, but I probably wouldn’t attend, shunning that celebrity culture for a night at home with friends having a feast.

I would probably be treated better as well. Money and fame buys you respect for some reason. I would be a Rolling Stone. A Rockstar.

Could any of you imagine a rolling stone kind of lifestyle, either nomadic or with the band??

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2 Responses to If I Were a Rolling Stone

  1. N.J.Orwin says:

    I’ve always wanted to do a round the world trip, but I can’t see myself working while traveling to pay the way, I can’t imagine the jobs I’d get would pay well enough. I also need those home comforts. I could do the travel itself thing for a year or two, but it’d take a lot of time to save the money. Also, as someone who works abroad, it’s so tiring, I wouldn’t have time/energy to really enjoy the places unless I stayed for a long time, which would defeat the purpose of the exercise.

    • sophie king says:

      Yeah, I’d want to see the place as well; I would definitely spend more than a week in each place. The idea of doing a job that is associated with that country would be a great way to meet the natives though. Just a shame that everything has a price nowadays. Some people are natural nomads though, relying on the kindness of strangers for a free meal every now and again as they walk and hitchhike through countries, don’t think I would be very comfortable with that.

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