My Dream Home

Some of the daily prompts I look at aren’t very interesting to me, but sometimes there is a suggestion that I just have to write about, no question about it. Today’s prompt; “You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans” is one of those posts. It’s so easy for me to write about my dream home because I’m always dreaming of it!

The money from the imaginary competition would go quite far for my dream home because I happen to know someone in the construction business *winks at the boyfriend*

It’s going to have to be a fairly big home because I like having space. I don’t want clutter. There is enough clutter in the mind; I don’t need it in my home!

I would absolutely love to have a library. I have spent an hour or two before just looking at personal libraries on Google images and dreaming of having my own. Floor to ceiling shelves filled with all the books I could possibly want; a big wide window to let in plenty of natural light; with a big comfy armchair where I could seat and read, or just simply admire my books. I saw some really comfy chairs in this art deco antiques shop when I was in Cornwall; as soon as I saw it I knew it was the kind of chair I wanted in my library.

I’d need a big kitchen as well. An Aga oven would be the main focal point of it, with lots of cupboard space for all the equipment I’ll need to be the next Nigella Lawson. There would be a walk in pantry cupboard filled with herbs and spices, and tins of bland stuff that I would turn into an amazing feast. Patio doors into the garden would be nice too, so I can access the herb and veg garden easily. I’m thinking of a cross between Nigel Slater’s kitchen in Dish of the Day, and Nigella Lawson’s kitchen in Nigellissima. Hey, Nigel and Nigella! He he.

My bedroom would need a huge window as well. I love natural light and if there is a great view, even better. I want it to be a real place to relax, no TV, no phones or laptops; just soft furnishings and maybe a radio for some music. Oh and a walk in closet would be great. I do have what I think is an amazing idea for my bedroom, but I’m not going to share it here because I don’t want others doing it. I want it to be truly original.

I’d probably have an office space as well. But separate from the house. A glorified shed in the garden maybe. Somewhere for me to go and work on becoming a bestselling author, or popular magazine columnist.
I haven’t really thought of how the living room or bathroom would look though. But based on the other rooms, there will definitely be big windows and lots of space.

I love day dreaming about my future house. In reality, it probably won’t be so big but I will definitely aim to have a few of the luxuries I envision. Actually, it’ll be interesting to see if the ideas for my dream home change when the boyfriend and I manage to buy a home together… maybe it’ll be a bit less feminine.

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