Long Hot Summer

After months of complaining about the crummy weather we had over the winter, with too much rain and too much snow, the sun is now making his presence known here in the UK. Now people are complaining that it is too hot. There’s just no pleasing us.

I’m certainly enjoying wearing only one layer of clothes, floating about in pretty dresses; enjoying the smells of flowers and Barbeques (although in my house, barbeques aren’t just for summer); and the warm caress of sunshine on lily white skin. The heat can get too much sometimes though, I wilt like a flower, lethargic and moping; I can get sweaty and cranky, missing that refreshing cold rush of air when you step out on a cold winter morning.

I do have ways to stay cool though, and I have been exhausting them over this past week or two.

I’ve been making use of the handheld fan that my mother owns, which used to belong to her mother, but when my arm gets tired and it just won’t cut it anymore, I turn to electric fans, whacking them on full blast to get a lovely breeze going.

Cold water on the wrists is an amazing trick. Let the tap run for a little bit to get it really cold and just soak your wrists. Don’t dry them though; get in front of a fan and you’ll get an even better cooling effect. I have taken to sticking my feet in the bath as well, with the cold water running; it really is refreshing! Especially if you’ve been on your feet all day.

I’ve also made a cooling spray based on some stuff I found on the internet which is handy to have in your bag when you are out and about. It is simply a tablespoon of witch hazel with a few drops of Lavender essential oil dispensed into a empty spray bottle [that you can buy from Boots] shaken really well and then topped up with water. Refreshing, with a nice scent for those really sweaty days.

I’ve always been told that a nice hot cup of tea will help cool you down on a hot day, but I just don’t find it that effective, and who is in the mood for a hot drink in this weather?

Instead I’m guzzling plenty of water with ice. And have even created a refreshing little drink by blitzing up a bunch of grapes and adding lemonade to it, and of course ice. It’s tasty and cooling and thoroughly recommended.


Being in Britain, I don’t think this heat wave will last too much longer, but I’m open to more cooling tips if you have them…

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2 Responses to Long Hot Summer

  1. momnotmum says:

    Love the idea of the cooling spray! If I can manage to gather myself out of this puddle of sweat and lethargy, I’ll make one myself. And as for tea, well, the idea of any sort of hot drink makes me have a small panic attack! I’m Texan, so relying on the old trick of iced tea, but I can totally understand how it’s not a drink for everyone. My husband thinks I’m committing an abomination when he sees me make up a pitcher.

    One other trick I can suggest is to take a cool shower every couple/few hours. If I have my feet submerged in cold water and just manage to soak my body and hair for a couple of minutes, I feel a little better.

    I just wish I knew how I could get our family comfortable at night. We’re all walking zombies.

    • sophie king says:

      Iced tea sounds very refreshing. I’ve heard of it before but it has never crossed my mind to make it; I’ll definitely give that a go.

      I imagine Texas is even hotter and dryer than it is here in the UK. The nights aren’t too bad here. Others would disagree but then again, my bedroom doesn’t get any sun during the day so it’s not too bad. All I can think of to recommend for the walking zombies is a good eye cream.

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