Finding Beauty Within the Beast

In my bid to become a better person, I am trying to see the beauty within the beast. I’m trying to see something good in all that is bad; learning to appreciate everything that happens.

There has always been this idea of finding beauty in the norm, and finding pleasure in the simple things; watching a sunrise for example, or savouring every bite of your meal… “Find beauty in the ordinary and you’ll find joy in unexpected places”

But I want to champion the idea of finding beauty within the bad, the horrible, and the painful.

I think that it would make everyone feel more peaceful and at ease with the demons they see, accepting the bad as a part of life. Even the people who seem to have the best life have had to struggle at some point. Through accepting the bad, and embracing it, you can free yourself up, and let go of any pain you may be causing yourself.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you will never be in pain, or face struggles ever again, but you are choosing to evolve through the bad, to find the lessons or something good from it, and accept it as a part of who you are, making you stronger and more resilient, broadening your horizons and essentially making you a happier person.

Through seeing the good in something deemed bad you can empower yourself.

We can’t always understand everything, and some things may be downright unfair but by trying to find the good within it, you choose not to be a victim or to become bitter. You choose to learn and grow.

When you heart is breaking, be thankful that you loved something so much, that grief is the price we pay for love.

When you look upon your scars, don’t see them as hideous, think of them as evidence of your survival.

When someone dies at the hands of someone else, be thankful that they are no longer suffering.

When you watch the news and see all the violence going on, think of it as a necessary journey towards a better world. We have to understand the darkness to appreciate the light.

Life is always going to contain a beast lurking in the dark, it is up to you weather you leave him out in the cold, or invite him in and try to understand him.

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