The Lake

I spent a lot of time in the swimming pool when I was in Cornwall; I absolutely love the water and always feel really graceful when I am swimming, not like my usual clumsy self, so I wanted to capture that feeling and experience of being completely at peace. I started writing, and as I progressed, I started to think of Virginia Woolf and how she committed suicide by drowning herself in a lake, so I took my writing in that direction. I tried to maintain the sense of serenity throughout, even though it is such a dark subject. I’d love to know what you think…

Elegantly, gracefully gliding through the water. Not a mermaid but feeling like one; feeling utterly at peace in the sun dappled pool. She twisted like a ballerina onto her back, floating her arms out, a shape reminiscent of Jesus Christ on the cross. Closing her eyes, she relished her weightlessness, literally and metaphorically, and basked in the light from the setting sun.

Turning over with one deep breath, she floated face down in the water. She exhaled all the air from her lungs, sinking to the bottom of the lake. When she felt her tiny frame graze the bottom, she opened her mouth wide, allowing water to rush in. Fighting every urge to surface, her lungs screamed against her chest as they filled with water.

Her very last thought was one of relieve.

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