The Importance of Grammar. Or… Am I Just a Grammar Nazi?

The other day I was on the bus, reading some advertising posters, passing the time, when I noticed that a poster for a compensation company had a small spelling mistake; they were offering a “substancial” amount of cash should you claim for compensation through them. A very small, but significant mistake I think.

Would you use a company who cannot even spell a simple word, or who can’t even use spell check?

But then I started to wonder if many people would actually notice this mistake, especially in today’s society where spelling and grammar have fallen by the wayside, particularly on social networking sites, where laziness and quick updates are more important. As an English graduate I feel that spelling and grammar are a very important part of communicating through the written word; even something as small as a comma can have a huge effect on the understanding of a sentence.

Of course mistakes are bound to be made (I’ve corrected a few in this post already) but there is no reason for a mistake to be kept. It’s just laziness to not proof-read your work, and for a big company creating adverts it should be massively important. It reflects badly on the professionalism of that company; if they are so haphazard with their advertisements, than they can be just as haphazard in their dealings with the customer.

It annoys me that some person working at some marketing company wrote this advert with this spelling mistake in it. However, I do suppose that it proves that you don’t have to be great with words and numbers to get a great job. Great news for the dyslexic among us.

Maybe I’m just turning into a Grammar Nazi. Maybe at the age of 24, I’m just no longer down with the kids, and now find it unattractive to write in popular lingo and abbreviations, preferring to spell and punctuate correctly. You can’t beat a well written piece of work.

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