Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2013

There always seems to be some kind of charitable cause vying for our attention, the majority of which are calling for our support in the fight against cancer. And in this busy October month, alongside the quit smoking campaign Stoptober, and the Go Sober for October campaign for Macmillan Cancer Support, it is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Having made it’s disease known within my own family, Breast Cancer Awareness is a cause very close to my heart and the reason why I wanted to share with the blogosphere some facts and stats about the illness:

the facts

the stats

Breast cancer is becoming more and more common amongst women and a small percentage of men; in order to keep the survival rates up we need to invest in research, medicines, and support for patients diagnosed with cancer. We also need to be aware of how we can detect any signs of breast cancer to catch it before it becomes life-threatening. Become acquainted with your breasts, and make it a habit to check them; if you are familiar with their form, you will most likely notice any changes sooner. A quick Google search, or a look on any breast cancer charity website will give you advice on how to self-check, and here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

what to look for

Below I have listed several links to websites related to the breast cancer awareness month campaign and about the illness itself:

Breast Cancer Care
Breakthrough Breast Cancer
Cancer Research
Breast Cancer Campaign

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month I will be showcasing the pink ribbon on my blog throughout October. I encourage you to do the same, and also to share any information about breast cancer and its prevention.

Let’s make breast cancer history.

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