Nobody Knows

Do you ever think that nobody knows you? That nobody knows exactly what you’re about; nobody knows the thoughts you have; that nobody knows the real you?

They only ever see one part of you and think that is the complete you, never quite realising that there is more to you than you allow them to see.

Do you ever think it quite amusing that nobody knows you? It’s laughable that some people think they do but really really don’t.

Take for example the girls at the nursery where I am a cleaner. To them all I am is a cleaner. Someone who strolls into work around half 5 and leaves again at 8. It looks to them as if I have a great life; how they wish they could work for a few hours each evening and spend their day as they please. They don’t know that I’m not actually spending my free time just watching tv, or going shopping. They don’t realise that I am more than a cleaner.

There are so many different facets to everybody. Nobody is ever just one thing. People pigeon-hole you, never thinking that there may be more than meets the eye; that personalities are dependent on more than one factor.

It always seems to be the people who don’t ask questions that never truly know another person. They’re perfectly happy to answer questions about themselves, to talk about their own lives and all the fascinating things happening to them, but are unwilling to reciprocate your questions, obviously not interested in you, after all, they apparently know everything and you are a bit of a bore. Maybe the ones who don’t make the effort to get to know you are in fact bores themselves; maybe that’s why they don’t realise there is more than one element to a person, that personalities are a mixture of things.

Not just one colour; not just one sound; not just one taste; not just one smell; not just one feeling.

So what should you do when you think that nobody knows the real you, that their assumptions of you are wrong?

Smile at the irony of it. Laugh at their ignorance. Show them how wrong they are.

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