Two Years After Graduation

This 25th day of October 2013 marks two years since I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

I can’t quite believe that it has been two years already, but rather contradictory, they also seem to have gone by at a snail’s pace. Probably because not a lot has happened for me in terms of progress; I’m still working on various things in order to move forward in my life, but I am yet to take that first major step. Sometimes I feel like I am still in the void space between student and adult; not one but not yet the other either.

I’m looking for a decent job so I can gain some essential work experience and start earning some money, whilst also trying to get into writing for publication, and possibly start my own business (which is my majorly long term goal).

I admit that it has been a struggle to stay positive with the on-going job hunt which is my primary aim right now; sometimes I’m just on autopilot. But I do have a few tricks to help me stay motivated. I read a lot of inspirational quotes about staying happy, being positive, making the most of your time, and that nothing worth having comes easy. I exercise to release built up frustrations. And I make time for things I actually enjoy when the job hunt becomes too much.

In moments when it does become too much, I occasionally wonder what the point of me going to university was, questioning if it was really worth it.

And after spending some time at my old university the other day, when I went for a job interview there, I finally answered this question for myself.

Yes it was worth it.

I enjoyed my time there. I miss the place. I was actually jealous of the students as I sat and waited for my interview to start, watching them fill the new atrium before heading off to lectures. It was where I increased my knowledge; and where I met my best friend.

It was exactly what I wanted to do. And I know that you should not regret anything, because at one point it was what you wanted.

I don’t regret going to university, but if I knew then, what I know now about myself and my ambitions, I think university could have been even better for me. I could have maximised my experience.

Maybe it has taken these past two years in the void space for me to realise exactly what it is that I want. Maybe I needed these two years to become a better person.

I may not have moved forward in terms of job prospects, or achievements, but I have evolved as a person. And I think a pretty ace person at that.

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