Goodbye 2013

Well another year has been and gone, and boy did it go by fast.

Once again, everybody is reflecting on the year that has been and making plans for the one that lies ahead. There is always something about the dawn of a new year that gives hope and ambition to people, and I’m feeling especially hopeful for the year to come.

I have just reviewed my 2013 New Year goals and I’ve seen that just like 2012, not a lot has actually happened in terms of achieving what I wanted to.

This time last year, my plans were to get a job, learn to drive, and to get a house. It is safe to say that I haven’t achieved any of these. Progress has been made though. The wheels have been set in motion for the achievement of these.

On the job front, I’m still in a part time cleaning job, trying to find something full time and more challenging, and still trying to make a mark as a writer. I started volunteering at a library supporting customers through this computer basics course which has been very enjoyable and something of a plus for my CV. I have also secured some casual work as a proof-reader in the last month which is not a lot but at least it’s something. A small change that can lead to a big difference. I’m definitely feeling optimistic that 2014 will see me in a proper job.

Whilst I haven’t passed my test, I have started to learn to drive. It’s absolutely scary and exciting at the same time. I see all these drivers being reckless or being ignorant of the people around them and anxiety makes me jump to the conclusion that I will crash, but once I get behind the wheel I feel free and powerful. I may be kicking myself for not doing it sooner but better late than never hey.

I didn’t get a house in 2013 either. The boyfriend and I have attended mortgage meetings and house viewings and have even made an offer on one house but nothing as yet. Just as with my job prospects though, I am feeling very optimistic that we will get our first house this year.

I may not have achieved much in 2013 but at least change is definitely coming my way. 2013 was a dark year for me; I feel that I reached rock bottom and my confidence was waning but I did eventually find my way through the dark, and I feel absolutely ready to take on 2014 and complete the changes that are in progress.

Progress will most definitely be my buzzword for 2014. Things in my life need, want, and have to change. Progress needs to be made. Sometimes I still feel like I am fresh out of uni, searching for my first real step into the big wide world but it has actually been 2 and half years since I finished university. It is about time proper change occurred.


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2 Responses to Goodbye 2013

  1. I hear you! Last year sure knocked me around, yet I grew and changed and strengthened my gratitude for what I do have. So let’s cheer on this new year, bright with possibilities. Hooray for 2014! WIth gratitude for finding you and your lovely blog, after you found and Liked a page of mine. I love synchronicity, don’t you? Cheers, Gina

    • Sophie K says:

      So glad to hear that even though 2013 wasn’t all that great for you, it did make you stronger person. I find that those who have struggled and come out stronger and happier make for more interesting people, more inspiring people.
      I adore your blog! and I’m glad you like mine too… absolutely love a bit of synchronicity. x

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