Open Letter to the UCSB Shooter

Dear Elliot Rodger,

I have been watching the story of you unfolding on the news and in newspapers with baited interested. I have always been fascinated by dark behaviours and actions such as yours, and the psychological reasoning behind them; but after reading a transcript of your “retribution” video, I see that you are simply an arrogant, selfish individual, and it is an attitude like yours that is the problem with first world society.

Firstly, I would like to point out that a girl is not a “slut” or “stuck-up” for telling you no. she is perfectly within her rights to turn down your “sexual advances”. Maybe you should’ve considered your attitude towards women and what it is that you were doing wrong before defining them all as sluts. After all, we are not objects or sexual play things for any man to pick up and drop just as quickly. We are human beings, equals, and should be treated with the same respect you show your fellow male. Maybe if you treated women with a bit more respect they would have been more open to starting a relationship with you.

The sense of entitlement you have is sickening. You do not have a God-given right to expect sex from women, or the right to kill others. From what I have seen, you are a spoilt show-off; a self-centred tool who was in need of a slice of humble pie, and a big dose of compassion. The world owes you nothing.

No matter how obnoxious you may be, I do sort of feel sorry for you though. Your speech reveals that you defined life by the sexual relationships you had, or actually didn’t have. It is obvious that you hate the fact that you are 22 and still a virgin, never even been kissed, which I understand can be frustrating but there is more to life than that. Maybe if you focused properly on yourself, developing interests, and skills, and pursuing career ambitions, you would feel content within yourself and not feel the need to be defined by a woman. A relationship does not make you you. If you spent a little more time working on you, rather than trying to get into some girl’s knickers, maybe you would’ve been more content with yourself and more interesting to the ladies for what you could actually bring to a possible relationship.

I also feel sorry for you for the lack of hope that you had. No matter how much you feel lonely and rejected, hope for change will always pull you through, but you didn’t seem to have anymore. Maybe if you had just a little bit of hope that your situation would change you could’ve met your soul mate, someone worth waiting for. She could’ve been waiting around the corner of life for you. But maybe you just shot her instead.

May those you have injured and the family and friends of those you have killed find peace with your actions. If they do, they will be better humans than you ever were.

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