This is 25

Last year I wrote This is Twenty-Four, a post about how it felt to be 24 years old, and how my life looked at that moment in time. I’ve decided to do a similar version to showcase how being 25 is for me, and how much things can change in a year. This is twenty-five.


25 is similar to 24 in that 25 is looking for a job too.

25 isn’t so worked up over it though. There are projects on the go, and plans in the works that keep 25 hopeful and calm about things.

25 is glad that other things have started to change and progress even if some things are still the same.

25 now has a 5 year old relationship; not a boyfriend anymore, but a fiancé. No diamond ring but a promise to share our life together.

25 is now a homeowner too! It’s a project of a house that needs a lot of work, but it’s beautiful.

25 can now drive. Forty odd lessons over nine months, two attempts at the theory test, and one attempt at the practical. Just got to buy a car now.

25 is now a proper auntie, no longer an auntie-to-be, to a beautifully chubby nephew, who is quick to learn and funny to watch. The next generation has begun.

25 is holding onto the dream of being a writer; be it full time or part time, for money or not. There is a lot of ideas, just need to get them written out.

25 knows the irony of having nothing happen, and then having everything happen nearly all at once. It’s a whirlwind but at least, at last, progress is occurring. No more feeling stuck.

25 feels like a better human being. Nicer, happier, less selfish and more knowledgeable.

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