Some Thoughts on Robin Williams

I have never met Robin Williams; I have no connection with him whatsoever; but on hearing the news of his death, my heart breaks for him and his family. I feel absolutely gutted.

I was a 90s child, growing up on films like Mrs Doubtfire, Hook, Flubber, and Jumanji. Robin Williams was my first ever favourite actor. His movies were funny and charming.

As I have grown up, I have discovered other great actors too, and do not really have a “favourite actor” anymore. How can I just choose one? But Robin Williams will always have a place in my heart amongst the best of them. I have yet to come across a film of his that I have disliked; even when I discovered other films of his, and more darker roles. One Hour Photo is the height of psychological disturbance.

He has had so many great roles, and I still have more to discover; Mork and Mindy is now on my to-watch list; and since hearing the news of his passing, I’ve been slowly remembering his wider body of work. How can anyone forget Aladdin, or Fern Gully? What about Bicentennial Man, or Insomnia?

What strikes me the most about Robin Williams’ death is that so many people are sharing their thoughts and condolences about this incredible man. From the actors who co-starred with him to people like me who have only ever seen him on-screen. This man seems to be transcending core groups, and is beloved by people of all ages, classes and ethnicities; everybody united in the smiles and kindness shared by Robin Williams.

The outpouring of love towards this man shows just how brilliant and lovely he was. I haven’t heard a bad word against him and it appears that, although he fought some personal demons, he was always a happy, funny and genuine man around his family, friends and peers. His kindness and generosity should be an example to everybody. I think the world would be a much happier place if everybody acted like Robin Williams did toward other people.  

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