If Hatred Ceased to Exist

What would the world be like if hatred didn’t exist? If the feelings of anger and disgust just were not an option?

Would world peace actually be achievable?

There would be no terrorists preaching of hate towards anyone who is different. No wars, no bombings, no threats to innocent people.

Every war, past and present, would not have happened if hate did not exist. A lack of love and compassion towards our fellow human beings were the driving force, so without hate, they simply would not have happened. Without hate, history would pretty much be completely re-written.

People wouldn’t be scared. Those hostages in Sydney for example; they would not be emotionally traumatised by a hate-spewing gunman who cannot respect a person’s right to be different; if only hatred didn’t exist.

Jeremy Kyle would be out of work without hatred. His show which tries to resolve the issues of an arguing society would not be needed, as no-one would be hating their ex-lover/ siblings/ parents/ neighbours for what seems to be ridiculous reasons.

Hatred is such a useless emotion to have anyway. A simple dislike of something or someone is fine – you cannot like everything after all – but hatred is much stronger; it uses up energy and mind power to actively show others and yourself how you feel, in some cases leaving the person mentally drained and depressed, and in other cases, spurring a person on to commit such despicable acts like throwing acid in the face of an ex-lover, or murdering someone, or even spurring you on to cause destruction on a mass scale.

Unfortunately, hatred does exist. It is an emotion embedded in our history, and one most likely writing our future. Whilst I feel that one should not hate; that one should concentrate on themselves and not get involved in such negative emotions, other people do not feel the same way. For them, hatred spurs them on to achieve something; to achieve infamy.

A world without hatred is just a dream, an ideal.

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2 Responses to If Hatred Ceased to Exist

  1. jessmittens says:

    No bullying, no rape, no extremists… sounds like my kind of world.
    If only. Or do you think the love of power would simply replace hatred and we’d continue as we have been?

    • Sophie K says:

      Interesting thought… definitely think that a love of power would be an influence. Even without a hatred for other people, some groups wish to see themselves in control.
      There is always going to be something isn’t there.

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