This is 26

So it’s kind of become a ritual of mine to take a step back and evaluate my life a little bit on a yearly basis. It’s good to get some perspective on things and see how I am progressing. It’s such a nice little activity to do. I’m roughly 3 quarters of the way through my 26th year of this life I have been given, which has been plenty of time to get a feel for what 26 is really like. So here it goes…

26 has a better job than 25 did. It’s longer hours but more challenging;

26 has a lot of ideas. A lot! It’s just a matter of putting them into action;

26 is attempting that work/life balance. It often goes off kilter one way or the other;

26’s 6year old relationship has now become a marriage. And constant compromise… “I’ll cook, you wash up”;

Like 25, 26 is still dreaming of being a writer. Must sit down to write more often!

26 is restless. There’s a whole world out there to see; and goals to achieve. No getting comfortable now;

As in previous ages, 26 is constantly evolving too. A true sense of self is being developed. Still progress to be made though…. Maybe a little less passive aggressive next year and a little more understanding too.




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