This blog originally started out as somewhere to display my writing; journal pieces, poetry, lifestyle articles etc. hence the title Anything Goes.

But over time it has gradually become more and more about life.

The lessons I’ve learned, the progress I’m making, the things that interest or annoy me, and the things which make me think, have all found their way to these blog pages of mine.

And although the content of my blog may have changed slightly, I found that it is still a place where anything goes; just like life.

So I would like to welcome you to this journal-style blog, navigating the good times, the trials and tribulations, and evolution of this one little person. Expect a mixture of thoughtful, inspiring, sarcastic, happy, sad, sometimes ranty, posts. I can be all of those things, sometimes all at once. I have been told that I think a lot and writing is a way to get all of these ideas, thoughts, emotions and opinions out of my head and into some kind of logic

I tend to write without thinking, so also expect for some things not to make sense, or things even to contradict each other. There are many things in my mind, crowding in for attention, so just sit back and enjoy the ups and downs.

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5 Responses to About

  1. Holly says:

    Fab about page, very nice to find something so personal and journal based!

  2. Israel says:

    I think i end up writing the same way as you describe here. I’ve never found the words to describe it quite like you have. Bravo! 😉

  3. Very nice, compliments!

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