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Baby Brain

Why are babies such a good talking point? If you have a baby anybody will talk to you, complete strangers and even those you know who you haven’t spoken to in ages. You announce your pregnancy or post baby photos … Continue reading

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What Weekends are Made For

I have just had the perfect weekend! The kind of weekend that creates a glow… you just feel utterly content and at peace, and happy with the world. You forget about the stresses of life and the job (or lack … Continue reading

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A few days ago I found this little rubber (eraser) with the word hope emblazoned upon it. It may be a sign, or just a huge coincidence that I found it when I seemed to be lacking in hope. It … Continue reading

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Silence is Golden

You have the right to remain silent – exercise that right! I often find myself getting annoyed as I read through the news feed after logging into Facebook; I think that some people just need to shut up. I’m used … Continue reading

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Chav Lullaby

For those who aren’t inhabiting the land of the English, “a chav” is the term used to denote somebody who has no work ethic, sponging money off the government, and who has no prospects in life. Their attitude is poor … Continue reading

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