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What Weekends are Made For

I have just had the perfect weekend! The kind of weekend that creates a glow… you just feel utterly content and at peace, and happy with the world. You forget about the stresses of life and the job (or lack … Continue reading

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Surviving Winter in a Wooden Hut

How to Survive the Lake District in Winter: 1)      Take plenty of layers – if you think you got enough, you’re wrong 2)      Take plenty of warm foods – with a way to cook them 3)      Rub your boyfriend’s feet … Continue reading

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I Love Snow!

What is it about growing up and finding snow a burden rather than fun? Everybody on my facebook, aged 20 – 50 are updating their statuses, complaining about the “horrible” snow and how they can’t get anywhere. So what? Stay … Continue reading

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Chav Lullaby

For those who aren’t inhabiting the land of the English, “a chav” is the term used to denote somebody who has no work ethic, sponging money off the government, and who has no prospects in life. Their attitude is poor … Continue reading

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In Need of Adventure

I have a need for adventure. I want an adventure. I crave an adventure. I long to be anywhere away from my house, for a few days, maybe a few weeks; I want a holiday. I want to travel. The boyfriend … Continue reading

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