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As I continue forward in my life jobhunting and planning for the future, I am filled with hopefulness. I Hope that I will find a job that I love (and soon); I hope that my future will be happy and … Continue reading

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Acid Attack! On the news today there is the story of Naomi Oni, a 20 year old from Dagenham who was the victim of an acid attack. I watched as this young woman spoke of getting off the bus one night … Continue reading

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Well That’s New

In less than an hour, I have applied for a job and been rejected from that job. I don’t know about other jobhunters but that has never happened before, it’s always been at least a few days before I get … Continue reading

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Here we are again…

… Monday. Another weekend says its farewells too quickly in order for a new week to begin. The carefree and relaxed attitudes of the weekend melt away and are replaced by a sense of dread, groaning as you wake up and … Continue reading

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The Non-Waiting Game

Apparently patience is a virtue. Good things come to those who wait. But you shouldn’t wait for things to happen, you need to make them happen. Be proactive. Make your own destiny. Waiting is going to get you no where. … Continue reading

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