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This is 26

So it’s kind of become a ritual of mine to take a step back and evaluate my life a little bit on a yearly basis. It’s good to get some perspective on things and see how I am progressing. It’s … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2014, It’s Been Great

Here we are again, another three hundred and sixty five days have been and are now gone. And like Janus, a mythical God of Rome, who had one head to look upon the past, and another to look upon the … Continue reading

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Working on Christmas Eve

There is a peaceful kind of eeriness to working on Christmas Eve. The sun rises slower; the usual chaos of the morning commute is suddenly silent; and a strange stillness envelopes the world; the quiet before the storm of last … Continue reading

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When I Grow Up

My first ever response to the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” was to be a dinner-lady. I was approximately six years old and the dinner-ladies at my school were super nice to the shy … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Robin Williams

I have never met Robin Williams; I have no connection with him whatsoever; but on hearing the news of his death, my heart breaks for him and his family. I feel absolutely gutted. I was a 90s child, growing up … Continue reading

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