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Open Letter to the UCSB Shooter

Dear Elliot Rodger, I have been watching the story of you unfolding on the news and in newspapers with baited interested. I have always been fascinated by dark behaviours and actions such as yours, and the psychological reasoning behind them; … Continue reading

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Mind The Gap! – Some Nice News

In today’s culture of 24 hour media coverage, beaming images from all corners of the world, it can get very depressing. Violence in Syria; protests in Brazil; shootings and stabbings; earthquakes and flooding. It’s all rather soul destroying. But yesterday, … Continue reading

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Gypsies, Tramps, and Land

This week twenty sites have been listed that could be potentially used to build new homes or used as campsites for travellers in the West Midlands area of England. Gypsies, travellers, and the people who protest them, have been in … Continue reading

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Where is the love?

People are still trying to make sense of the machete attack in Woolwich London yesterday. I feel like I have a lot to say about the situation and the reaction to it, but also nothing really worth saying. So I’m … Continue reading

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Useless Education?

There was a report on the news this morning about students complaining about their university courses being poor value for money. Apparently 1 in 3 first year students think this. I thought my university education was too expensive in relation … Continue reading

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