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Free Speech?

Free Speech (noun): the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint I have been noticing a lot of news pieces, events, and social media stories that relate to the notion of somebody’s free speech being threatened. The Charlie … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Robin Williams

I have never met Robin Williams; I have no connection with him whatsoever; but on hearing the news of his death, my heart breaks for him and his family. I feel absolutely gutted. I was a 90s child, growing up … Continue reading

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Open Letter to the UCSB Shooter

Dear Elliot Rodger, I have been watching the story of you unfolding on the news and in newspapers with baited interested. I have always been fascinated by dark behaviours and actions such as yours, and the psychological reasoning behind them; … Continue reading

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Manners – Always in Fashion

When we have babies we teach them all about being humans – how to talk, how to walk, how to use the toilet, how to use a knife a fork. We teach them to say please and thank-you, to share … Continue reading

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Doing Good or Seeking Praise

For the past week or so I have pondering this No Make-Up Selfie trend for Cancer Research on Facebook; and whilst it is absolutely fantastic that so much money has been raised by them, there is something about it that … Continue reading

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