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This is 25

Last year I wrote This is Twenty-Four, a post about how it felt to be 24 years old, and how my life looked at that moment in time. I’ve decided to do a similar version to showcase how being 25 … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Employers

I think that many people assume that because I have a degree, I am a high-flying, career orientated kind of woman. Many people also assume that because my degree is in English, that I will become a teacher. Both of … Continue reading

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My Dream Home

Some of the daily prompts I look at aren’t very interesting to me, but sometimes there is a suggestion that I just have to write about, no question about it. Today’s prompt; “You win a contest to build your dream … Continue reading

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As I continue forward in my life jobhunting and planning for the future, I am filled with hopefulness. I Hope that I will find a job that I love (and soon); I hope that my future will be happy and … Continue reading

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